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uv germicidal lamp/1000W ultraviolet sterilizing lamp trolley

CoVID - 19, Bacteria and viral infections can spread rapidly through contaminated surfaces particularly in high human traffic establishments such as factories, canteens, schools, offices, places of worship, hospitals, or public transport systems.

The mobile UV disinfection lamp(Uv Lamp Trolley/Uv Light Trolley) 500W 1000W can quickly and thoroughly disinfect and disinfect the air and surfaces in hospitals, homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and other facilities. Sterilization mechanism: Ultraviolet light can emit UV ray with a wavelength of 185nm or 254nm, which is most easily absorbed by proteins and nucleic acids of bacteria and viruses, can denature and dissociate proteins, form thymine dimers in nucleic acids, and destroy the DNA and RNA structures of various viruses and bacteria, then bacteria and viruses died. Bacteria include coliform bacteria, bacillus, etc. , molds include penicillium, black mold, etc., and filterable viruses include the hepatitis virus, influenza virus.

Product Description

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Product Description

Uv Lamp Trolley Product Description:

Disinfection Type1000W ultraviolet sterilizing lamp trolley
DimensionsHeight 155MM, Width 30MM
LampsUV high output–Phillips bulb brand/ 2H type 410mm long quartz tube
UV-Wavelength185NM /254NM (UV-C light)
Operating Cycle15 /30 /60min depends on the size of the room.
Control TypeSmart timing/smart remote control
Applicable sceneFactories, hospitals, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices,

One-year full warranty (Includes lamps, electronics, mechanical parts)

1.High-power: suitable for sterilization and disinfection of larger space

2. Material of the lamp: ultraviolet germicidal lamp, high-quality quartz glass tube, ultraviolet transmittance of 95%, effective to improve the sterilization efficiency of the ultraviolet lamp tube and the service life of the lamp tube.

3.Optional ozone lamp: release high concentration ozone, completely no dead angle germicidal, eliminate odour and so on.

The ultraviolet sterilization is characterized in that the ultraviolet sterilization is the irradiation, destruction and change of the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure of the microorganism through the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, so that the bacteria can be instantly killed or the offspring can not be propagated, and the purpose of sterilization is achieved. 

The true bactericidal effect is UVC ultraviolet, because the C-band ultraviolet is very easy to be absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially about 253.7 nm of the ultraviolet ray is the best.

The ultraviolet sterilization belongs to a pure physical disinfection method, is simple and convenient, and has no secondary pollution.

Uv lamp trolley matters needing attention in use

Ultraviolet radiation can kill all kinds of germs, but it can also kill organic cells, so during use, people, animals and plants should leave the room or wear protective gear (the operator should lock the door when he leaves).

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