UV Disinfection Series

New high-wattage lifting mobile UV disinfection vehicle

How to use it?

1.Please, check the lamp tube if it is complete when you receive and make sure of every part is well-connected. If the UV tube is broken, it cannot be used anymore and replace the new one( pls change the UV lamp tube by the glove or other stuff, not to touch the tube directly).

2.Connect the power cord to the workable socket and turn it on by the switch on the power cable (There is a small line on the switch "on" side.) The lamp will be lightening around 10s.

3.Then using the on/off button on the remoter to activation. (ATTENTION: Keeping the switch button on of the power cable)

4.Then you can choose the timer function (15min, 30min,60min). You will see a blink when the timer working

Prohibition Notes

1.When the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is working, it is forbidden to have someone or some life at present. If there is someone present, corresponding protective measures shall be taken to avoid direct ultraviolet radiation on people's eyes and skin, plants, and animals.

2.After sterilization, open the doors and windows for ventilation for at least 30 minutes to dispel the peculiar smell gas produced by killed bacteria and germs.

3.It is forbidden to directly touch the ultraviolet UV lamp with your hands, so as to avoid scratching or damage, or to reduce the life of the lamp.

4.The lamp tube with the wiring direction requirements must pay attention to the direction, otherwise, it will cause lamp tube damage, reduced life, or overheating of the UV lamp tube surface.

5.Due to the high pressure in the UV lamp, please avoid external forces such as bumps and scratches to damage the lamp.

6.Please do not use in places with thin materials and other flammable and explosive materials, otherwise, it will cause fire or explosion.

7.Do does not look directly at the naked UV lamp tube, otherwise, it will cause eye irritation or vision loss.

8.Do not let the ultraviolet light directly irradiate the skin, otherwise, the skin will be easily damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

9.Do does not touch the lamp that is being lit or the lamp that has just been extinguished, otherwise, it will cause burns due to the high temperature of the surface of the lamp or the reflector.

10.Please do not put flammable and explosive materials such as paper or cloth close to the lamp tube in use, otherwise, it will cause a fire due to the high temperature of the surface of the UV lamp tube.

11.Please exhaust the air when opening the lamp in a sealed space. The ozone emitted by the lamp will cause great damage to the human respiratory system.

12.Try to avoid the phenomenon of frequent opening and closing of UV lamps. Each opening and closing will consume the lamp and reduce the service life of the lamp.

13.Restart or open the lamp cover at least 10 minutes after turning off the lamp, otherwise, the lamp will be damaged or burned.

14.When installing or replacing the UV lamp, you must turn off the power when cleaning the lamp cover, otherwise, you may easily get an electric shock.

15.When there is a poor cooling condition, the fault must be eliminated in time to continue the operation, otherwise, it will seriously affect the service life of the UV lamp.

Main Structure

1.Quartz glass tube

2.Aluminum alloy lamp body

3.Power cable with switch


1.The ultraviolet radiation is 253.7nm when the low-pressure mercury vapor in the non-ozone lamp is discharged and 185nm-253.7nm when the low-pressure mercury vapor in the ozone lamp is discharged.

2.When the non-ozone lamp is working, the concentration of ozone generated around is less than 0.05g/ (km/h).

3.The internal electric parameters and starting performance of the lamp meets the requirements of GB19258-2012.

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