UV Disinfection Series

uv germicidal lamp/Wrought iron bracket UV disinfection lamp

We are professional in sterilizing and removing mites

After the analysis of microorganisms in Guangdong Province, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, the mite removal rate is as high as 100%, and the formaldehyde removal rate is as high as 78%.

Safe pollution, only need 30 minutes to kill some harmful bacteria

1. Remote control timing

Three levels of timing, 15 minutes/30 minutes/60 minutes, suitable for different scenarios

2. Five-meter radar sensor

Automatic detection, when a moving object approaches, the machine will automatically turn off the germicidal lamp, and automatically turn on for sterilization when no moving object is detected

3. With ozone, no ozone optional

The difference between them?

The ozone-free ultraviolet germicidal lamp mainly relies on UVC ultraviolet rays with a shorter wavelength to achieve sterilization, while the ozone-type ultraviolet germicidal lamp mainly relies on the ozone generated by the ionization of oxygen molecules in the air by the shorter wavelength UVC ultraviolet rays to achieve sterilization. The purpose of killing microorganisms.

Ozone type:

Advantages: Ozone has a strong oxidizing effect, which can effectively kill bacteria. The dispersibility of ozone can just make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet rays that only travel in a straight line and disinfection.

Disadvantages: However, if the ozone exceeds the standard, it will strongly stimulate the human respiratory tract, causing swelling and pain in the throat, chest tightness, coughing, bronchitis and emphysema, so it is necessary to open the window for ventilation.

Ozone-free type:

Advantages: no ozone, people can enter the room immediately after sterilization.

Disadvantages: It spreads only in a straight line, and there are dead ends in disinfection.

Is ozone toxic to humans?

Unless we have been in a high-concentration ozone environment, it will affect people. Ozone will automatically decompose at room temperature, and normal regular use will not affect people.

360 degree light sterilization, suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, and other scenes, making bacteria and viruses nowhere to be

Product Description

Wrought iron bracket UV disinfection lamp

Wrought iron bracket UV disinfection lamp

Product Description

Input voltage220v
Rated current (MAX)450MA
Ultraviolet radiation intensity1600nm
Rated power (MAX)38w/60w/150w
Light source power36WPhilips lamp /38W (376 long U-shaped tube)

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