Air Disinfection Machine

New air purifiers

Item: SL-XD-08 120W

1、Voltege(V):220V/50Hz / 110V /60Hz


3、CADR: 800m³/H

4、Air: 900m³/H

5、Negative ion concentration:30millionPCS/cm³                                             

6、Area is recommended:90-120m³ 

7、Color :Silver

8、The number of boxes:1 pcs

9、Product size(mm):530*330*890mm             

10、Package size(mm):610*410*940mm         

11、Net weight /Gross weight:29.5/30.7kg

An introduction to the features

一、Six-weight filtering                 

1、Primary filtration                        

2、Nano-silver antibacterial                      

3、Efficient composite  HEPA filter                         

4、Cellular activated carbon filters remove odors                                       

5、High concentration of negative ions                 

6、Refrigerant removes formaldehyde                  

二、Oversized screen display with true UV sterilization          

三、High-precision odor sensors monitor air quality levels in real time:Green、Blue、Red aperture is displayed                    

四、Filter replacement reminder, four-speed wind speed, the super high wind volume                 

五、Commercial-grade purification function, odor, dust, formaldehyde a net    

六、Hand app intelligent control easy to control the quality of the home air environment, all the time close to nature

Product Description

New air purifiers

New air purifiers

New air purifiers

New air purifiers

New air purifiers

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