Air Disinfection Machine

New product series—UV air disinfection machine (round)

1. The design of pure aluminum shell and ABS shutter window, aluminum oxidation, ABS anti-UV coating, prevents oxidation, is not easy to yellow or discolor, and does not fade;

2. A variety of installation methods, can be placed on the floor stand. Wall can be hung horizontally, wall can be hung upright, placed as you like, willful;

3. Coexist with people, irradiate the inside of the ultraviolet lamp, and the air enters the equipment and comes out after disinfection, realizing circulating disinfection;

4. 3000 rpm fan, with greater air volume, ultraviolet disinfection, greater intensity, stronger sterilization ability, and long service life;

5. The wireless remote control operation is more convenient, with three timing options, and it will automatically shut down after disinfection.

6. Applicable places: supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, offices, living rooms, etc.

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