Disinfection With UV Disinfection Lamps? These Points Must Be Noted!

Jul. 22, 2021

At present, how to further improve the prevention and control of the epidemic is the most concerned topic, people began to try various disinfection methods to protect themselves from the infection of the new coronavirus. UV disinfection has become the preferred method of disinfection for some units or individuals because of its simplicity of use, lack of frequent replacement and moderate price. However, UV Disinfection Lamps, if used improperly, can even cause harm to us faster than viruses. Therefore, the following points should be noted in their use.

UV Disinfection Lamps

UV Disinfection Lamps

1. When using UV disinfection lamps, no one should be in the room; always wear protective glasses or sunglasses when operating the disinfection lamp, avoid direct eye contact with the light source, wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid direct skin contact.

2. UV disinfection lamps in schools and other public places should be installed in a safe and appropriate location to avoid children's touch, and special control switches should be set up and controlled by a person to prevent misuse.

3. Need to choose the appropriate power and number of UV sterilization according to the area of the specific place, in order to achieve the desired sterilization effect, the general disinfection irradiation time is not less than 30 minutes. It is recommended that 10-15 square meters of room for air disinfection time of 40 minutes.

4. Do not use the Ultraviolet Lamp as a lighting lamp, should not be open for a long time, disinfection time 30 minutes - 1 hour is appropriate.

5. Since UV disinfection lamps are mostly used in restaurants, schools and other crowded places for disinfection, attention should be paid to the disinfection time, which must be used only when no one is in the room. After disinfecting the room, open the window and ventilate for more than 30 minutes before continuing to use the room normally.

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