How do you choose the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings

Oct. 29, 2021

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Summary: This article provides you with an overview of the Best Grow Lights for Seedlings.

We all know plants use Led Plant Grow Light to grow. That's why we grow plants outdoors. But indoor farming gained popularity, so artificial lights became better at reproducing the sun.

There are many choices for growing plants indoors without sunlight. They are called lights. Choosing a grow light doesn't have to be complicated.

Make your search for the perfect grow light easily by following these steps.

  1. Pick your crops

    When you know what crops you'll be growing ahead of time, you'll be able to decide how much lighting you'll need and what type of crops you'll be producing. The list doesn't have to be too detailed, but crop type impacts intensity, spectrum, coverage, and the kind of bulb you'll need.

  2. Plans & Budgets

    It will also be easier if you have a budget in mind before you begin the search. This will allow you to eliminate some options right away. When planning your budget, be sure to consider your desired energy costs and the amount of light needed. What kind of bulbs you choose will determine how much you spend on energy.

    Unless you have a small operation where you're only growing a few plants, you may not have to worry about this.

  3. Choose your type of bulb.

    For grow lights, three types are available: fluorescent, LEDs, and HIDs. LEDs cover the most spectrums, emit little heat, and are highly efficient. LEDs are also available in high-intensity options that work best for sun-loving crops such as rosemary. Almost every operation can benefit from them, but they are more expensive than fluorescents.

  4. Select a spectrum

    Light comes in different colors and is referred to as a spectrum. Most plants use light that is blue and red, with some yellow and green thrown in.

    It's important to note that some targeted spectrum lights come with a switch that can be changed to different colors, making them suitable for different stages.

  5. Take a look at the intensity.

    The intensity of light refers to how much light is reaching the plants from the fixture. It is crucial because you need to provide enough light for the number of plants you have at each growth cycle stage.

    In general, the higher the intensity of a grow light, the farther you can place it from the plants to minimize heat and light burns. Make sure the power is appropriate for the area you wish to cover by consulting the manufacturer.

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