Plant Growth Light: Why Do We Use It

Aug. 19, 2021

Why use grow lights?

Plants live on light! Through the process of photosynthesis, plants use the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy that is used to promote their growth. In most cases, the amount of light a plant receives is directly related to how vigorously it grows. Using plant grow lights is a simple and brilliant way to provide supplemental light and support plants that lack sufficient natural sunlight.

Have you ever seen seedlings that are super tall, even against a window? They are stretching to find more light. In the world of seedlings, taller doesn't mean better! Without enough light, vegetable seedlings can become long, thin and weak (also called "long-legged"), and risk tipping over or breaking. Other houseplants may have difficulty growing, producing or otherwise reaching their full potential without adequate light. 

One of the best ways to prevent growthless seedlings and grow the healthiest, most successful plants is to use grow lights inside. I hate to say it, but often a sunny window alone will not provide enough light to start seeds indoors. This is especially true during the winter months when daylight is already scarce; the time when most gardeners start seeds for the upcoming spring and summer. The ample light provided by a grow light will keep seedlings short, stout and strong.

Plant Growth Light

What plants need grow lights?

Certain plants need impeccably bright light for most of the day and are described as needing "full sun". Light-loving plants include most flower and vegetable seedlings, warm season annuals such as tomato or pepper plants, and cannabis. These people would benefit from grow lights when indoors, no matter how naturally bright the space. Succulents, cacti, microgreens and herbs can also enjoy full sun, but as long as they are near a sunny window (preferably facing south if you live in the northern hemisphere), they can be successfully grown indoors without the use of grow lights. 

On the other hand, some plants can survive in low to medium light conditions, such as greens, cranberries, all popular houseplants. Ferns, orchids and leafy greens can also grow happily in partial shade. Whether your houseplants need grow lights depends on your space. We find that the ambient light from windows in the average home is sufficient for most common houseplants. However, plants in darker houses or windowless interior rooms will appreciate the light!

Each shelf is topped with a black shelf unit with grow lights leaning against the wall next to a window. You can change their height above the seedlings. These summer tomatoes, beans, flowers, peppers and basil plants love full sun - come to Shouliang to get your grow lights now!

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