Portable Ultraviolet Lamp: A New Choice for Cleaning and Disinfection of Hospital Environment

Jan. 04, 2021

Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces is very critical for infection control. Generally, some disinfectants are used for environmental surface cleaning and disinfection, such as chlorine-containing disinfectants, or air disinfection machines, but the success of environmental surface cleaning and disinfection is mainly It depends on the type of pathogen, the chemical composition and bactericidal activity of the disinfectant, and the length of the sterilization time.

Nowadays, items such as mobile phones and computers are often used around patients in hospitals. Frequent exposure to these electronic devices is likely to be severely contaminated by various pathogens, causing cross-infection. Wiping, cleaning and disinfecting mobile phones and computers with liquid disinfectants may cause water to enter the inside of the equipment and cause damage to electronic appliances. Therefore, the cleaning and disinfection of these electronic equipment may require new cleaning and disinfection technologies; Uv Disinfection Lamp may be a Good choice.

Ultraviolet radiation can destroy the DNA/RNA structure of pathogenic bacteria, thereby inactivating pathogenic bacteria to achieve the purpose of cleaning and disinfection. Ultraviolet radiation is currently widely used in safety cabinet disinfection, disinfection in water and food industries.

Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp

Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp

Recently, a German sensory control expert evaluated the effect of using a Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp to disinfect the surface of the hospital environment. Test the ultraviolet lamp's killing effect on experimental bacteria: Bacillus pumilus, Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecium, Escherichia coli and Acinetobacter baumannii and other common pathogens in medical institutions.

A portable ultraviolet lamp was used to irradiate the surface of the experimental environment and sampled and cultivated. As a result, the activity of the experimental pathogenic bacteria was reduced by more than 90% after 40 seconds of irradiation. At the same time, all the experimental bacteria lost their ability to reproduce after less than 5 seconds of irradiation.

According to the researcher, the surface contamination of medical electronic equipment presents new challenges to hospital infection control. Since nosocomial infection outbreaks caused by the contamination of these electronic equipment have also been reported, attention must be paid to cleaning and disinfecting the surface of electronic equipment. The portable UV lamp is a good choice compared to chemical disinfection. However, further research may be needed to determine whether or not the user is exposed to UV radiation.

However, the cleaning and disinfection effect of ultraviolet radiation is unquestionable. I believe that the use of Ultraviolet Lamps will completely solve the safety problem in the near future, and the application of ultraviolet radiation cleaning and disinfection will be safer and more extensive.

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