The Importance of Disinfection Lamps for Hospitals

Oct. 28, 2021

Most of us know that UV sretilize light can kill viruses and bacteria with germicidal properties, but do you know how it works? Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation emitted at various wavelengths, with short-wave UVC having the most powerful germicidal properties.

Disinfection in hospitals has always been of great concern, especially now that cleaning and disinfection have become even more important due to the presence of pandemics. SHOULIANG introduces you to the importance of UVC disinfection lamps in hospitals.


The hospital challenge

Hospital wards, waiting rooms and corridors are laden with infectious viruses and bacteria. Manual cleaning in hospitals is often insufficient to eliminate harmful pathogens with acceptable effectiveness. It is vital that wards are disinfected prior to subsequent admission. Manual cleaning is sometimes incomplete and incomplete and does not provide sufficient protection. Many studies have shown that current cleaning strategies for hospital rooms are inadequate and that manual cleaning is plagued by random variations, such as incorrect use of cleaning cloths and solutions that can transmit harmful pathogens.

 The Importance of Disinfection Lamps for Hospitals

uv germicidal lamp/UV Disinfection Cart

How does UV light disinfect?

UV light is replicated in UVC germicidal lamps that are designed and engineered to emit the exact wavelengths required for disinfection.UVC lamp manufacturers like SHOULIANG are specialist UVC lamp manufacturers and we design our UVC lamps to obtain the perfect germicidal emissions required.

UV radiation rapidly penetrates the DNA of harmful bacterial and viral cells and alters the DNA so that they are no longer able to replicate. Viral cells that are unable to replicate are considered dead and harmless. UVC light has been proven to eliminate a wide range of viruses and bacteria.


Where is it used?

UVC light in hospitals can be used in many sterilisation systems to disinfect.

Air - UVC air treatment systems include HVAC UVC air purification systems where UVC lamps purify air as it passes through the central ventilation system.

Water - UV water treatment systems eliminate harmful microorganisms from the water supply.

Surfaces - UV disinfection lamps are used on ward countertops and operating theatre tables. uVC robots can roam through wards, operating theatres, corridors and bathrooms, disinfecting all surfaces and even hard-to-reach areas.

Food - E. coli and Salmonella, for example, can cause food-borne illness. UV disinfection systems offer many benefits in restaurants and cafeterias and are particularly suitable for hospital kitchens and dining areas.



UVC disinfection lamps are available 24/7 to help hospitals maintain a clean and safe environment without the added stress of hospital staff.SHOULIANG's high quality UVC germicidal lamps are designed for your application, so if you urgently need to create a safe and germ-free environment for yourself now, contact us now to purchase it.

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