How To Use Uv Disinfection Lamp?

Feb. 26, 2021

(1) Disinfect the surface of the article.

1. Irradiation method: It is best to use a Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp to move and irradiate at a short distance, or to use a suspended ultraviolet lamp. Small items can be irradiated in the ultraviolet disinfection box.

2. Irradiation dose and time: Different types of microorganisms have different sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. When using ultraviolet rays for disinfection, the irradiation dose must be used to reach the irradiation dose required to kill the target microorganisms.

Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp

Portable Uv Disinfection Lamp

(2) Disinfection of indoor air

1. Indirect irradiation method: The first choice is a high-intensity ultraviolet air sterilizer, which not only has reliable disinfection effect, but also can be used when people are moving indoors. Generally, it can be disinfected after 30 minutes of starting the disinfection.

2. Direct irradiation method: Under unmanned conditions indoors, direct irradiation with UV Lamps suspended or mobile can be adopted.

(3) Disinfection of water and other liquids

In-water or outside-water irradiation can be used. When using the internal-water irradiation method, the UV light source should be equipped with a quartz glass protective cover. No matter what method is adopted, the thickness of the water layer should be less than 2cm. The water flow speed is determined according to the intensity of the UV light source. After disinfection, the water must meet national standards.

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